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Bring proven reliability and recognised stability into your business, providing higher functionality and performance than is possible with a traditional mechanical key access solution.

Features & Benefits

Have full control of all functions and features from the web app or use the mobile app to keep track of events, remotely unlock or block users on-the-go, with all doors, users and locations managed from a single place.

Enjoy flexibility, scalability, interoperability with other system applications and manage access from anywhere at any time.

SALTO KS smart access offers multiple ways of opening doors, including with a digital key. It supports a wide range of keyless methods to improve the user experience and safety for any building type and delivers advanced security features on a fully remote, wireless cloud-based management platform.
Always up to date

SALTO KS cloud technology delivers security with more simplicity, greater value, faster responses and a better user experience. This means it is now possible to remotely monitor every access point from anywhere at any time on any device – offering greater control and flexibility.

Have full control of all access functions and features from the web app – from anywhere. There is no need to worry about backups, maintenance or physical on-premise server needs. While on-the-go, use the mobile app to keep track of events, remotely unlock doors and block user access.

Being cloud-based, SALTO KS access control scales alongside your business with ease, eliminating the extra man-hours or costs for rewiring. Achieve a greater level in security, scalability, flexibility, interoperability and cost-efficiency with SALTO KS.
Easy and Secure

Collect all user access rights on a single, smart RFID tag; send and receive digital keys; or open doors from any distance, even if you are on the other side of the world.

With SALTO KS and SALTO wireless smart door locks, you can say goodbye to mechanical keys and collect all access rights on a single tag (key fob) or user smartphone, which additionally can be linked to multiple sites. There’s no need to make copies or replace the lock if the tags get lost or stolen.

You can also keep track of who goes where and when. You can even set notifications for specific events, so you’re always up to date.

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